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Tubes Technologies signed and constantly reviews some exclusive or privileged distribution agreements with the brand leaders in manufacturing and supplying of aseptic components. With all these respective sales programs, we’re fully capable to propose a large panel of solutions :


Since more than 60 years, Dockweiler is the European leader in pure tubes and fitting manufacturing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and semicon markets. Our reputation is linked to the full respect of the markets specifications: surface purity, orbital weldability, cleanability and corrosion resistance. Dockweiler is the manufacturer of the famous brands : Safetron, Wedtron and BPE Direct for the pharma market, and Ultron & TCC for the semicon and microelectronic industries. Our advanced welding technology and our 3D bending and control equipments reinforce and sustain our capacity to manufacture some systems with a high level of quality.

Gammes Dockweiler Safetron, Weldtron & BPE DIRECT

Merck Millipore NovAseptic

Merck Millipore is one of the life science industry leaders and supplies some technologies, some tools and services all the time improved for biological research and biotechnological industry.
With the NovAseptic flag, a large portfolio of aseptic components contributes since years to the significant improvement of purity conditions of the injectables and drugs production processes. A large choice of different type of magnetic mixers, bioprocess valves with radial diaphragm, Novaseptum® sampling devices and NA-Connect® zero dead leg flanges are available.
All the technical, logistics and commercial operations are done and located at Molsheim, close to Strasbourg, where a tests station is available for all your processes qualification and validation.

Agitateur magnétique GMP & Vanne de fond de cuve arasante NovAseptic

ITT Pure-Flo

Since more than 30 years, ITT Pure-Flo is the worldwide leader for diaphragm valves and multi-ways blocks manufacturing dedicated to all the relevant actors of pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Our technical support, from the basic design to the maintenance engineering, is a real solution force for all your needs and requirements in process solutions. ITT Pure-Flo takes particularly cares of welding compatibility and clear and full traceability.
Four production facilities are located in USA, Great Britain and Asia to allow us to cover all the international projects for biopharma projects and naturally, in France and Europe.


Since more than a century, PBM, the specialist of ball valves, designs products for all markets types as chemistry, food and beverage, oil and gas, energy,… Based on our strong mutual experiences we’ve developed together a pharmaceutical portfolio. This 3 pieces sanitary ball valves range, manual or actuated, with controlled surface finish and orbital welding compatibility, is specifically dedicated to all processes and utilities applications, particularly the clean steam loops.

Vanne à boisseau sphérique self flushing PBM


The complete industrial insulation solution. Unsurpassed performance and minimal maintenance, unrivalled service life year after year, make T-FIT® the most cost-effective pipe insulation solution for plant-wide installation in demanding, highly controlled industrial, pharmaceutical and manufacturing environments.

The first modular cleanroom insulation system for pharmaceutical, biotech and semiconductor manufacturing. T-FIT® Clean consistently outperforms the competition in the most demanding cleanroom and manufacturing environments. Flame-retardant, moisture- and bacteria-resistant, T-FIT® Clean is the only insulation solution that complies with internationally recognized cleanroom standards.

Continental Disc Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation is a leader in overpressure protection devices for a large panel of applications and markets. The SANITRIX HPX® rupture discs range is especially designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. This patented design is the best solution to reduce the dead legs and warranty the required cleanability. All the modules are fully connectable on all Triclamp fittings and NA-Connect aseptic flanges. SANITRIX HPX® is the ideal solution to protect your production system, with vacuum operability and operational pressure very close to the maximum pressure. As a standard, it’s possible to allow the full open position for the most important flow rates (Kr), without fragmentations and with 5 million cycles tested and warrantied for all the pressurized common applications (batch, CIP, SIP…) with gazes, steam and liquids.

H+ Valves

Since more than 35 years, H+ Valves is a French manufacturer of safety relief pressure valves, very well known by all the major actors. Our products are in accordance with all the usual norms and standards and allow us to manage all type of applications. Now, with the new Biotech range, we bring to the market an adapted technical answer and optimized for biopharma and cosmetics industries. This innovation product with a high surface finish is designed to reduce the dead leg, optimize the cleanability, with agreements’ respect and full traceability. H+ Valves, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, is a company located close to Lyon, integrated in the independent family owned TECHNE group, specialized in static and dynamic sealing systems.

Soupape H+ Valve Biotech


Exergy’s extensive engineering expertise, unique designs and manufacturing techniques allow us to provide the most compact heat exchangers. We offer a comprehensive catalog of Shell and Tube heat exchangers,Tube-in-Tube heat exchangers and Point-of-Use (POU) sampling systems constructed of 316L SS, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium and other alloys.

Known for our high quality, we are the vendor of choice for companies worldwide in the pharmaceutical, biotech, sanitary, industrial and process industries for our off-the-shelf and custom designed products. Our goal is to continually exceed our customers’ expectations for customer service, quality, and value. Exergy’s engineers will evaluate your requirements and recommend the optimal solution that meets your specifications, delivery and budget.

Dockweiler / Techné / Newman Sanitary Gaskets / Technetics

• Triclamp gaskets and rings, engraved or not, with FDA CFR21 & USP Class VI agreements, available in all dimensions and materials : ERDM, PTFE, Silicone, Viton®, Gylon®, Kalrez®, TUF-FleX®, Tuf-Steel®,…

• Several jacket gaskets, smart gaskets

• Spare diaphragms Gemü®, Crane Saunders®, Bürkert®,…

• Aseptic hoses FDA CFR21 & USP Class VI, in EPDM, PTFE, Silicone,…

Joints TriClamp & toriques en EPDM, PTFE, Silicone, Viton, Gylon de marque RubberFab, Newman & Garlock Technetics