Logo Tubes Technologies


Since more than 30 years, the company Tubes Technologies promotes, specifies and distributes some tubes and fittings, but also some tank components with a high aseptic quality level.

Customers and markets orientation

We’re definitively oriented to all the actors of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets, but also in semicon business, cosmetics industry and food & beverage.
End users, A&E’s, Engineering companies, piping integrators, skid manufacturers contact us regularly and continuously to study together all our technical needs for investments and maintenance, in process and utilities fields.

Our commercial partners

Since years, our company represents officially and exclusively some world leader manufacturers, well known and recognized for the quality of their products and solutions, and in total adequation with the market’s needs and expectations.

Our sales territory

We act principally and slightly exclusively in French area, but we lead also some regular calls in Belgium, in Switzerland and in North Africa, particularly Morocco and Tunisia.

Competences and knowledge

Our team, young, engaged and dynamic, is formed by roughly 10 people, all of them with some competences and know-how developed since years with the experience of the projects and the customer’s intimacy, completed by the technical experts network located in the factories and HQs of our different and various partners.

Performances and Moto

Our credo is clearly the specialization on the aseptic segments with the products and markets duo. Our constant aim is to provide constantly a high level of service combined with the respect of technical requirements and an added-value support.


Tubes Technologies uses and develops a strong and sustainable sales program and portfolio, to target with accuracy and answer pragmatically to all needs and another problems and solutions.
Our power is clearly to answer individually to all the requirements, with a large but rationalized portfolio, and the complete respect and anticipation of all the standards uses and usual markets’ specifications.