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This sales program is developed with the support of our partners ITT Pureflo, Bürkert BBS, PBM & Neumo Rieger to bring you a large, developed and extended choice of diaphragm valves, multi-ways blocks, hygienic / aseptic ball & seat valves and sampling systems.
In this way, we can answer to all needs and other technical specifications and usual norms for the process and utilities applications commonly used in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetics, semicon and food beverage markets.

How to choose the good valve ?

The choice of any technical component, such as a valve, requires you to take into account a number of parameters that must integrate your technical specifications into your process approach, while justifying your technical and economic choices through value analysis and integrated cost control.

Multi-ways Solutions

Le concept de solutions blocs multi-voies élève les caractéristiques de la vanne à membrane à un niveau encore supérieur :

  • quasi élimination de la rétention, des tronçons morts et diminution des volumes internes
  • réduction des temps de cycle CIP
  • réduction du temps d’installation
  • réduction du nombre de soudures sur site
  • minimisation de l’encombrement occupé par la tuyauterie de production
  • réduction des efforts de qualification et de validation

> Concept & Advantages

> Waterloop Points of Use

> Mixing Valves

> Integral Sterile Access Blocks

> Block & Bleed – Purge Solutions

> Double Flow

PBM Sanitary Ball Valves

For several decades, PBM has been developing a range of aseptic full bore ball valves under the IGENIX brand name.

This product features a unique innovation for the market, with its Adjust-O-seal design, which avoids retention at the seat and ball.