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Tanks components

This sales program is developed with the support of our partners Merck Millipore NovAseptic, ITT PureFlo, H+ Valve, Continental Disc, AR Inox, PBM, Méca Inox & Neumo Rieger to bring you a large, developed and extended choice of magnetic mixers, tank bottom valves, aseptic flanges, sampling systems, but also any safety valves & rupture discs.
In this way, we can answer to all needs and other technical specifications and usual norms for the process and utilities applications commonly used in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetics, semicon and food beverage markets.

Around a process tank

  • Aseptic Flange
  • Rupture Disc
  • Tank Bottom Valve
  • Magnetic Mixer
  • Sterile Safety Valve

Magnetic mixers

  • NovAseptic GMP
  • NovAseptic USM
  • NovAseptic HS
  • NovAseptic HSI

Tank Bottom Valves

> Bodies

> Diaphragms

> Actuators

Aseptic Flanges

> Two versions

  • On tank welded
  • In line

Rupture Discs

Sterile Safety Valves

> Biotech design

> Clean Concept

> Compact Connect

> Surface Finish 0,38µm

> Ultra Compact

Rupture Disc vs Safety Valve